Terrasat Communications, a privately-owned US company, has been manufacturing microwave and satellite RF equipment since 1994. In the early days of the life of the company, the business model was designing microwave RF modules and Block Upconverters (BUCs) to customer specification. In 1997 we designed and began manufacturing a line of our own branded satellite BUCs for C and Ku-band. Then in 2002, seeing the growing opportunity to replace RF Transceivers or rack-mount converters and SSPAs we launched the Power-Plus BUC for higher power C, X, and Ku-band applications. The Power-Plus introduced basic Management and Control (M&C) features, new to the industry. 

In 2004 we rolled out the first of the branded
IBUC (Intelligent Block Upconverter) models with C and Ku-bands. The IBUC brought innovative features of a web interface for extensive management and control plus AGC/ALC options. We added X-band, Ka-band, and extended band models. We continuously increased power levels with new models. The IBUC remains the keystone product with improvements such as internal power supply, internal reference option, and the first BUC with Ethernet connection, web interface, and SNMP compatibility. 

Through 2012 a major development effort culminated in the introduction of the
IBUC2 – a smaller enclosure with all of the IBUC features plus an RJ45 Ethernet connector for M&C. Over the last few years Terrasat has implemented GaN technology amplifiers, first into higher power models and more recently into mid-power IBUC2G models at C, X, Ku & Ka-bands. Terrasats’ GaN implementation optimizes performance with minimal back-off to the PLinear point, delivering maximum useable power from the technology.    

In 2015 the company moved operations to our new 30,000 sq. ft. facility to expand production capacity. To date over 18,000 IBUCs have been shipped worldwide. We are grateful to our partners and customers who have chosen IBUCs for their satellite network requirements.

We continue to invest development resources where our customers have requirements.
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