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Terrasat offers the IBUC family of integrated BUC/SSPAs. The advanced IBUC yields superior performance at a lower cost than traditional RF Transceivers. The complete product range includes C, X, Ku and Ka-band IBUCs, associated power supplies, interface units and our innovative 1:1 protection systems. Our first-of-its-kind IP M&C interface is included as standard along with RS485/232, FSK and Hand Held Terminal interfaces.

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Welcome to Terrasat Communications
Terrasat Communications designs and manufactures innovative RF solutions for Satellite Communications systems. Our ground-breaking IBUC – the Intelligent Block Upconverter – brings advanced features and performance to C-band, X-band, Ku-band and Ka-band satellite earth terminals and VSAT's. Our products offer exceptional value at reasonable cost, thereby allowing our customers to stay ahead of their competitors.

Satellite Technology
In the last few years L-band BUC (Block Upconverter) technology has superseded the 70/140 MHz RF Transceiver (RFT) model in satcom earth station deployments. The reasons are straightforward. L-band architecture simplifies earth station design and installation while increasing overall reliability – at a significantly reduced cost. BUC's have grown from their VSAT beginnings into full-featured RF platforms for critical links. Terrasat offers a family of integrated BUC/SSPAs with unbeatable performance in C, X, Ku and Ka-bands. C-band IBUC is available in 5W to 200W models, X-band is available in 5W to 200W, and Ku-band is available in 4W to 80W versions.

Monitoring and Control

Terrasat's innovative IP M&C interface offers the most complete M&C package available. The easy-to-use web-based interface provides a broad array of sensor data and configuration options for ease of installation, detailed local or remote monitoring and rapid, accurate troubleshooting for the entire satellite terminal. The IBUC also offers SNMP compatibility plus RS485/232 interfaces for integration in large scale Network Management Systems.



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