Why choose the Terrasat IBUC?

At Terrasat communications we are committed to the advancement of L-band Block Upconverter technology into an expanding range of satellite applications. We pioneered the industry shift to L-band technology as an alternative to earlier 70 MHz RF transceivers with products that perform better, simplify terminal design, and reduce our customers’ satellite terminal investment.

Terrasat offers an alternative to the expense and complexity of 70 MHz transceivers – the IBUC – Intelligent Block Upconverter. The IBUC is a complete line of high performance C, X, Ku, DBS, and Ka-band BUCs. We combine the BUC and SSPA into a single, compact outdoor enclosure for a simpler, more reliable installation.

All Terrasat IBUCs are intelligent BUCs that communicate via FSK to compatible modems and provide alternate TCP/IP, RS232, and RS485 interfaces. Since it is SNMP-compatible, the IBUC easily integrates with your NMS so you have a complete view into all elements of your remote satellite terminals. The IBUC incorporates a rich set of features such as:

  • Outdoor RJ45 connector for TCP/IP interface, with embedded web pages for management and control
  • Selectable AGC or ALC for improved space segment management and compliance with your satellite operator’s technical requirements
  • Extensive in-built diagnostics for simplified installation, monitoring, and troubleshooting

The IBUC also redefines protection switching with the logic and drivers built into the BUC. The need for a rack-mount remote control panel is entirely eliminated,  saving cost and further simplifying installation.

Terrasat draws on a variety of amplifier technologies such as GaAs and GaN to provide the optimal solution at each power level. The higher power GaN IBUC G products present an alternative to less reliable TWTA HPA technology. The complete product portfolio includes:

  • Internal reference option
  • 1+1 protection switching assembly for both IBUCs and LNBs
  • Internal and external power supply models
  • Mounting brackets, handheld terminals, and ancillary items    

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